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Dear Doctor and Staff,

At AFR Labs, we know your business success depends on finding a reliable partner for your orthodontic needs.

With over 20 years of experience in the fabrication of orthodontic appliances, AFR Labs will deliver to you top quality products. You will find appliances which are made with care and pride.

With our Constant Improvement philosophy in mind, we strive to find innovative ways to improve our products as well.

Our team of dedicated engineer and technicians will provide great services unseen elsewhere.

As a partner, we will listen to your requests and suggestions and will implement measures to help you achieve your goals.

We even go further: We offer competitive pricing for all of our orthodontic product lines. Please contact us today and we'll be glad to send you our price list.

And we won't stop there: At your convenience, our representatives will be at your office to show samples of our appliances.

Please call us today at (949) 462 9822

We look forward to establishing a great partnership with your company.

At AFR Labs, we make people smile - including doctors and their staff!

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462 9822
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462 9929
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